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George BARRY Smith, of the Dallas Fire Department, was a true advocate for the Texas Firefighter Summer Games. He attended every Texas Firefighter Olympics, later renamed Texas Firefighter Games, from its’ inception in 1983 until his death in 2014. Over the years, he participated in softball, golf, track and field, indoor volleyball, sand volleyball, flag football, darts, archery and scotch doubles bowling. He was Vice-President for the Olympic committee for many years under the leadership of Presidents Bill Crow and D.D. Pierce. As well as being a participant, Barry was the coordinator for flag football and coordinator for volleyball, which he took over in 1992. He was responsible for introducing 2 on 2 sand volleyball to the Texas Games in 1993 in College Station, then in 1995 added 4 on 4 sand volleyball at the San Antonio games.

Barry Smith exemplified the true meaning of the Firefighter Games – to promote camaraderie and sportsmanship among fellow firefighters and their families. Barry – THANK YOU for your devotion, hard work and love you had not only for the games themselves, but for all members of the brotherhood of fireman. You will be greatly missed.

I would like to thank Barry’s wife, Carolyn, for her kind words and appreciation to provide this memorial page for Barry.
Eric Harr
President, Texas Firefighter Summer Games – 2015