Participation Eligibility

Must hold a State of Texas basic firefighter certification, full-time, part-time or retired firefighter, or Department of Defense firefighter certification and must be stationed in Texas at time of Games, surrounding states are able to participate and provide a department identification card.

All participants should have their Fire Department issued ID with them at their event in case of questions regarding their eligibility.

Joint Participation

Competitors from Austin, Dallas, Ft. Worth, Houston, El Paso, and San Antonio must form teams from within their own department. All other cities may combine to form teams. Teams are considered to be three or more players. 

Event Guidelines

See individual event pages for guideleines for that event.


Individual medals (Gold, Silver, and Bronze) are presented to those who finish first, second, and third in each event. Some events give a MVP award as well.

Release Agreement (Terms & Conditions)

I hereby agree to release and forever hold harmless the host city/cities venues used, Texas Firefighter Summer Games Committee and their officers, agents, and representatives, as well as all other entrants, from any rights or claims I may have for damages as a result of participation in the Summer Games. Further, I grant to the TFFSG Committee the right to use any photos, movies, or video tapes during the games, practice, or training sessions prior thereto and to the use of my name with said material in promotional efforts on behalf of the TFFSG. This constitutes the entire agreement of the parties and is binding and runs the benefit of the heirs, assigns executors and administrators or the parties.