The Horseshoes and Washers Tournaments are held on Wednesday. Horseshoes singles begin at 9:00 AM, doubles to follow. Washer singles begin at 2:00 PM, doubles to follow.

You will be able to use your own regulation horseshoes and as in the past the “Double Ringers” that we provide will still be available.

Washers will be provided, or you can bring you own, qualification washers must be 2-1/2”O.D., 1” I.D. and I\8” thick. Washer edges MAY NOT be tampered with (such as notches, cuts, tape, etc.).

Entry fee is $20 per person per event. Please return your entry forms by June 1st. A $10.00 late fee will be charged if received after this date. Please bring lawn chairs, picnic goodies, etc.

Ron Schultz – Horseshoes Chairman